Student Gear for OMSCS

This is going to be a post on my gear and approach to studying for OMSCS.

When I first started OMSCS, and had to open a textbook and take lecture notes for the first time in a long time, I was at a bit of a loss of the best way to organise myself. Back in my undergrad degree, I was strictly a notebook+pencil+highlighter kind of person. These days with my daily commute and frequent work space hopping, carrying around 10lbs of textbooks and notebooks and pencils is not really ideal. I also didn’t really want to accumulate dozens of notebooks and textbooks – physical space is a premium for me.

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Thinkpad X220 Review

After returning my previous company’s Macbook Air, I was in the market for a laptop for doing personal stuff and software dev. The MBA is almost the perfect hardware in my mind – it’s extremely light, has a quality build, 8 hours of battery life, a really amazing TN screen, and i7 processor. With linux loaded on it, it flies. But, unfortunately, there are a couple drawbacks that led me to look elsewhere. The horrible chiclet keyboard and – the ultimate dealbreaker – the price. A fully loaded 12” MBA costs around $1800, and they don’t resell for much less.

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