Suggested course plans for OMSCS

I’ve just finished my first semester at Georgia Tech, in the amazing OMSCS program. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what courses to take, and thought I’d share my course plans for those in the same boat. I’ve put together a computing systems and machine learning plan.

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Blogging more

I’ve been meaning to blog a lot more. It improves my writing skills, and also gives me a nice place to capture my thoughts in a long form before I forget.

One of the main impediments for me is the blogging platform I’ve been using – Jekyll with Github pages. It’s simply too much to quickly write a post. In an attempt to blog more, I’ve moved my site to

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Cassandra, lists, and tombstones

We’re using Cassandra for some fallback behaviour in my current project. Whenever a downstream system is successfully hit, we store a copy of the data locally that we can fall back to in case of downsystem failure.

During load tests of the fallback behaviour, we starting getting really long, crazy timeouts on reads.

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Git one liner to list directories changed by a merge or regular commit

I’ve been working on a CI trigger that runs particular jobs depending on which project changed. The tricky aspect is we have a single git repository. So given a commit hash, we want to determine which projects to trigger builds for.

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