A couple of London commuting routes by bike

I moved to the UK a few months ago. One of the first things I did was pick up a Brompton for my multimodal commute. I ride to the station in the morning, take the train, then go from the station to my office by bike. I save quite a bit on travel card costs (which let’s one use a railcard for the London underground), so my bike will pay for itself before too long.

Finding the right route for me took some trial and error, and I’m still improving it. Here’s what I have so far.

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Assign an automatic JMX port to a Java application

VisualVM and jconsole are two useful tools for debugging JVM issues. However they both rely on a JMX port to be open on the remote instance. You can work around this on the fly by running jstatd on the remote host, but you’ll find certain things disabled. So ideally, the jmx port will be enabled on startup.

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Thinkpad X220 Review

After returning my previous company’s Macbook Air, I was in the market for a laptop for doing personal stuff and software dev. The MBA is almost the perfect hardware in my mind – it’s extremely light, has a quality build, 8 hours of battery life, a really amazing TN screen, and i7 processor. With linux loaded on it, it flies. But, unfortunately, there are a couple drawbacks that led me to look elsewhere. The horrible chiclet keyboard and – the ultimate dealbreaker – the price. A fully loaded 12” MBA costs around $1800, and they don’t resell for much less.

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